Certification is a form of objects conformity assessment according to the technical regulations, the standards, the norms of practice, or the terms of contracts. The company "YURTSEPBS" was established in 2002 with an aim to work on assessment (confirmation) of conformity of products with fire safety requirements. The center has a high technical capability and is equipped with the most modern equipment. It has all the relevant certificates of accreditation:
- Certificate of laboratory accreditation № RA.RU.21ПЖ18.
- Certificate of accreditation of the certification body № RA.RU.11АБ09.

The field of activities of the certification body is to perform work on conformity of objects (products) with the requirements of the Federal Law of 22.07.2008 №123-FZ "Technical Regulations on fire safety requirements":
- Substances and construction materials;
- Textile and leather materials;
- Building and construction products;
- Cables and wires;
- Electrical Products;
- Heating equipment;
- Flame retardants and materials;
- Channels of engineering systems of smoke protection.

Our company has developed and implemented an internal quality management system in accordance with the active legislation.

The main goals of our organisation is:
- Compliance with the requirements for accredited persons;
- Provision of services by qualified experts at the highest technical level, in accordance with the requirements of normative legal acts and documents in the field of standardization of the Russian Federation and the Customs Union;
- Provision of services for conformity assessment, meeting the requirements and expectations of the applicant;
- Growth of applicants' satisfaction.

The team of "YURTSEPBS" Ltd. consists of professional experts who confirm and enhance their qualifications on a regular basis, proof of which is the absence of complaints and claims from the applicants throughout the whole period of activity.

You can be assured that your corroboration with the “YURTSEPBS" certification will be satisfying to you. Our company is glad to offer you services on both voluntary and mandatory certifications, declarations, and product testing.